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Shrub and Tree Spraying Tree spraying

The best way to keep pests away is with pesticides. How safe are these pesticides for your family? Don’t risk keeping these chemicals in your home. We’re here to help you. All our spray technicians are certified to get an Agent's License.


GrassRoots LawnCare Inc will identify the pests or diseases that have attacked your trees and shrubs, and we will use the right pesticide. We will see to it that the situation is controlled as much as possible. We will also ensure your fruit and vegetable trees are not sprayed with harmful chemicals.

Keep Pests Away the Safe Way

Amazing tree and shrub spraying includes

  • Fertilizing shrubs

  • Spraying for diseases and pests

  • Care for ornamental small shrubs

  • Spraying done for homes

  • Spraying done for commercial properties

Keep Your Pets and Family Safe With Our Certified Spraying Methods

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